Over the summer I visited the National Ranching Heritage Center with my daughter. I love it! I felt transported back in time, and the history there feels so real, you can easily imagine the daily lives of the pioneers.

Little did I know when I captured this picture of the old Victorian style house, The Barton House, that there are stories of ghostly hauntings there!

Of course the spirit of the old west is alive at NRHC, but I've taken a good long second look at the picture I took there and wondered if there was a flicker of something in that second story window!

According to an old Lubbock in the Loop story, there is a shadowy female that has been seen in the second story window who is possibly the ghost of the wife of the rancher who built the house, and there have been quite a few sightings. Police have found nothing when following up. It remains a mystery to this day.

According to the NRHC, when they addressed the questions surrounding the Barton House, in Reader Questions on their website, they've concluded that despite various 'sightings' there is no paranormal activity that has actually been experienced.