There are at any given time hundreds of artist hopefuls floating around, selling themselves, and working hard to get a jump start going for their music career. Maggie Rose is one of these more than hopefuls to watch on the Country scene!

Native to the state of Maryland, Maggie Rose is an up and coming artist in the Country scene that I believe will be the next big thing!

Growing up she got her start performing live when she was 16 in a Bruce Springsteen cover band! Good choice to get influence from!

While attending Clemson University College later on as a Vocal Performance major, she explains on her website bio:

A friend had sent some of her demos to music mogul Tommy Mottola, well-known for launching Celine Dion, Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey, among others. “I remember getting the call from Tommy’s assistant as I was walking with my friend to economics class,” Maggie recalls.  “She said, ‘Tommy wants you to come to his office and sing some original songs for him.’ It was so surreal. I didn’t go to class that day. I went back to my dorm room and tried to process everything.”

I've listened to her voice and this gal really could have picked ANY genre of music to get into, but thankfully Country is what speaks to her heart!

Check out her first music video for 'I 'Aint Your Momma' below and you'll see why I think she's the next big thing. With her bold voice, curvy figure, and a sassy "own it, girl!" kinda attitude, she's bound to become a fan favorite just like Carrie, Kelly, and Miranda!