The other day while eating with friends at a busy depot district restaurant we waited for our order.  Someone suggested changing the order, so we tried to flag our guy down, but his attention was elsewhere.  Because of the crowd, and the fact that he was so busy, we sort of forgave him his snub and waited but still tried to signal him to no avail.  Then, a light bulb went off, wish it'd been literally, more after the jump , but what if each table had a light of some sort of lamp that patrons could turn on when they needed to signal their waiter?  It could be something gimmicky like a chicken restaurant could have a "golden egg" that lights up...a sandwich shop, a pickle gleams...and of course a hot dog joint would have a fabulous glowing weenie!   How wild is that?  Seems like it would be a plus for everyone, except the waiter would probably be exhausted.  Restaurant managers could actually see from a fair distance where the problems lie, and patrons would feel satisfaction in that they've actually helped speed things along.   Then again, probably not all that hot of an idea.  I remember my mom years ago at an A&W drive in, in a remote area of Wyoming  said, "Wouldn't it be great to have speakers to order from instead of carhops?"  Then we moved to Texas to find her idea alive and well.    On second thought, forget it....I'm headed to a cafeteria!