Tyler Farr follows suit of enlisting a co-cast of super star rednecks to help him go ‘Redneck Crazy’ on his ex in his debut single’s new music video. There are DEFINITELY some faces here that you will recognize.

Here’s a kind of guy you don’t want to cheat on! Ladies, take it from this girl in the video.

Tyler Farr, new to the Big Country Scene has broken ground officially with his song ‘Redneck Crazy’ which tells a story of a good ‘ole redneck boy getting’ his heart broken when he finds his girl’s been ‘gettin’ some on the side’ and goes a special kind of crazy. He goes ‘Redneck Crazy’.

You’ll see Lee Brice, Colt Ford, and a certain special someone from Duck Dynasty have teamed up with Tyler for REVENGE!!!!

Check it out and don’t forget to comment what you think about the new song!