This is one of those good news & bad news stories. While this is without a doubt a tour dream come true, they aren’t coming to Lubbock together, but there is good news for us still!

Thanks to Angela at SunFire Entertainment for sharing some cool news with us! –

The Josh Abbott Band headed West last week bringing William Clark Green with them to open. At the show at the Knitting Factory in Boise, ID, Josh invited William to come up during their encore and sing his #1 hit "She Likes The Beatles." Josh Abbott Band's current single "She Will Be Free" is now top 20!

Now you’re wondering why any of this would be good news for us, right? Well think about it!

Both of these guys have home-ties to Lubbock and now that they’ve had a taste of what it’s like to put a big show on together, you can’t tell me that a bug won’t get planted in their ears about coming home to work together!

NOW THAT, would be a big tour dream come true, not just for me, but for HUNDREDS of Texas Country fans here!