Whenever one of those ads comes on hawking something like a "Slap-Chop", I usually just sit there mesmerized by an unending supply of foods beautifully chopped before my very eyes! Now, wait a minute. Who has that many vegetables in their house? Hey, it probably works but I know I'd use a couple of times, then it'd take up space in the cabinet until I sell it in a yard sale. I've been duped several times in my life. I bought a "Veg-O-Matic". And I remember asking for a "Thigh Master" for Mother's Day one year, and even gave Randy the 1-800 number.

Recently Good Housekeeping magazine took stock of some of today's most popular items. They say the "shake weight" benefits exercise newcomers, but the seasoned gym rat won't get much from it. One product they say works well is the "Magic Jack", which lets users plug any phone into their computer's USB port for local or long distance calls at a very cheap rate. And the "ShamWow"? Who cares if it works, the pitchman, Vince Offer, is a show in himself. The other day my hubby ordered some furniture lifters for an old piano we wanted to move. We watched with amazed eyes as heavy objects were moved so easily on TV with these "magic" lifters. Four coasters arrived within a day or so, with no explanation on how to get them under each leg of the piano. Seems the lifter bar doesn't come with the coasters! What?!? We are living proof, "There's a sucker born every minute".