Texas Tech Coach Tommy Tuberville and others involved in Veteran's Day activities are asking Lubbockites to turn on their porch lights for at least 36 hours starting Thursday, in honor of Veteran's Day, Friday. The lit porch lights symbolize to the veterans a way to find their home.

According to this site, Veteran's Day has been observed every November 11 since 1918 when "the war to end all wars", World War I, ended. Veteran's Day activities are planned throughout Lubbock with the Wounded Warriors Project event honoring veterans at 11 a.m. at Saturday's football game against Oklahoma State. At TownSquare studios at 4413 82nd Street, drive-thru donations will be taken Friday morning, 7-10, for the Pennies 4  Patriots project which benefits those injured vets and families of those killed in the line of duty. Hang your flag and honor the military veterans Friday, November 11, and say "Thank You". Here's a great song that does just that.

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