Trace may wonder why he keeps getting these 'biker dude' rolls in movies, but we sure don't! With the husky, burly man voice and his naturally intimidating physique, we get it!

If you remember, Trace Adkins made a few appearances as 'Eddie' in a film with Matthew McConaughey called The Lincoln Lawyer. In it, he's the leader of a rough and tough bike gang.


Well, Trace is coming back to the big screen once again to play a biker roll, but this story's plot seems to be a much more light-hearted movie....

Trace will be playing the character of 'BONES'- the, once again, tough biker dude in the upcoming film 'Mom's Night Out' which also stars 'Everybody Loves Ramon' Patricia Heaton and 'Grey's Anatomy' Sarah Drew.

No news of the flick on IMDB, yet so we're assuming the film has just very recently wrapped up shooting. Be looking for more details to come, though!