Trace Adkins seems to have settled into a life of happiness and serenity. His past includes a near fatal traffic accident, losing and re-attaching a pinkie finger, being shot by an ex-wife; then being arrested for a dui. He and his wife, Rhonda have three daughters and he's got two from his first marriage. And he shares his own special way of dealing with so many females at home, telling "Good Housekeeping", "I get on my tractor and disappear.It's the most therapeutic machine ever invented". Having five daughters he says, "I could not make boys. After the last one, I said, 'Okay,God, I get it. I quit!'" Adkins' music ranges from the bawdy "Badonkadonk" to a beautifully patriotic "Arlington". And because it's Christmas, thought it'd be good to drag out a little conversation Trace had with Little Jimmy Dickens last year. Check it out!