With this being an election year, we're probably going to hear celebrities speaking out more on who they support. And Trace Adkins has said he's throwing his support being the man who is expected to be the Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney.

Adkins tells newsmax.com he's been a Republican since 1980 and is now revealing who he supports and is standing firm. "I don't like the direction the Democrats want to take this country...I have not publicly told anybody who my guy was. But it's going to be Mitt Romney and I am going to support him 100% and hopefully we'll get a Republican back in the White House." Trace Adkins recently spoke about his preference at the National Rifle Association convention, adding that Romney is an NRA supporter.

Adkins will  offer his opinion at the polls this November and in his career, he has offered a variety of music, and most definitely shows his patriotism in this song.