If it was good enough for Jimmy Dean, it's good enough for Trace Adkins--sausage, that is. Adkins recently partnered with a family-run business in Louisiana, Hightower Country Sausage, and be exclusively with the Brookshire grocery chain, 152 stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

On his website, Adkins mentions growing up on Hightower's. "When you think about home cooking, you think about family and tradition. The Hightower's family business was a part of my family's meals growing up. I'm happy to join them."

I'm guessing Hightower Country Sausage people along with the Brookshire groceries are delighted that such a positive country star has latched on with them. I smell sausage and success. Here's a fun song (haven't seen the video in a while--it's really clever) from Trace Adkins who just may become the new sausage king.