After the recent death of singer Amy Winehouse, a lot of people say, considering her problems with drug addiction and other matters, they are not surprised. Trace Adkins is among them. After being sober nine years, Adkins talks about his own demons...that being alcohol. He went to rehab because his manager intervened to save his life. Trace tells the "Hollywood Reporter", "...It had gotten to a point in my life where it was probably going to take me down that road, too. If it didn't end up in that situation, it certainly was going to cost me my career....If you've ever been through one of those things, it's the most humiliating experience you'll ever have. To hear people you respect and love sit there and tell you the kind of pain you've been causing them...and yeah, I'm an alcoholic." Thankfully, one of the classiest guys in the business was able to overcome the problem and give back to us in a big way. Here's the big guy with the big voice and one of his best songs.