You hear me talking about it all the time on-air and you see the list of prizes and the button to become a BlakeVIP, but if you haven't actually become one, then you are  MISSING OUT on some spectacular opportunities!

Reason #5 - Dierks Bentley says it best: Signing up is FREE AND EASY!

Unlike some VIP clubs where you have to pay a fee to enjoy the benefits, Blake let's all of his loyal listeners join the club ABSOLUTELY FREE! Not to mention, the process is a piece of cake!

Reason #4- Earning Points is Easy, too!

Earn points any time of day! Blake believes in having fun all the time so he let's you win points for answering trivia questions, playing games, and even just by steaming the station online!

Reason #3- Enter to Win!

Earning all those points, but not sure what to do with them..? You can use them to enter to win all kinds of VIP prizes that only VIP members can sign up for!

Reason #2- The VIP Prizes ROCK!

Blake's VIP prize list is always changing and the list is pretty sweet! Check it out today! You can enter to win awesome prizes like: -Free Music -Free Money -Free Giftcards and even -FREE TRIPS!


Reason #1- Be the First to Know!

Every week Blake is hooking up his VIP members with a newsletter that includes all the best details on your favorite country stars, weird news stories, awesome news stories, and sometimes it even includes EXCLUSIVE OFFERS! (For Example: if you were already BlakeVIP before today, then you received the Presale Code to purchase your George Strait Concert Tickets FIRST!)

Blake's a pretty cool guy and it definitely pays to be a BlakeVIP! So, what are you waiting for?!?!