There was always something special about Mom's peach cobbler. Or her homemade soup, or her cornbread. That and a lot more of her creations made me feel safe and happy....comforted. I guess my mom's kitchen was full of comfort foods. I love thinking of the tastes that invoke nostalgia, security and love. And I'll bet you've got some great childhood memories of comfort food. This website lists the top comfort foods and their recipes. The top ten are:
1. Apple pie
2. Baked beans
3. Banana pudding
4. Beef stew
5. Brisket pot roast
6. Chicken and dumplings
7. Chicken Pot pie
8. Chicken Soup
9. Chili
10.Chocolate Chip Cookies
Yes, I'll have one of each of the above. Is your favorite on the list?