'Tis the season! ....for more New Country! Lots of it is coming your way now and very soon, but get the inside scoop on what's to come right now!


1. Miranda Lambert, 'All Kinds of Kinds'


This new hit is from her album 'Four the Record'. The puppy lover herself sings about, you guessed it, All Kinds of Kinds. This song's got some truthful lyrics to it. Miranda's got a lot of Soul to her music and this song shows that off a bit. Maybe not in the stereotypical bluesy way, but she's got it figured out.


2. Eli Young Band, 'Drunk Last Night

Michael Tullberg, GettyImages

Now before you go dismissing the song because "it's another drinking song".... just don't! Eli Young Band is the band leading the way for Texas Country artists hoping to move up and show everyone, it's some good stuff!

3. Jason Aldean, 'Night Train'

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Jason Aldean's Album Title track is now on it's way to you! Finally released to radio, Night Train is climbing the charts and on it's way to quickly becoming another Jason Aldean Hit that you'll spin over and over again!

4. Taylor Swift, Red

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Like Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift is putting out her latest album's title track for radio listeners to enjoy! Watch out people! She's taking over ALL music formats!

4. Kenny Chesney, 'When I See This Bar'

Donald Bowers, Getty Images

Another drinkin'/bar song, but what else do you honestly expect from the man who has his own line of Rum ? :) It doesn't matter that there are HUNDREDS of drinking songs in Country Music. Kenny Chesney will sing what he will and it works because he so passionate about it! We love Kenny and even if it was the ONLY this his songs were about..... we'd still know all the words!