Toby Keith has been just about as successful as a person can get and has had his share of controversy. Who can forget the sideways conflict with the Dixie Chicks after Natalie's infamous remark about her shame that President Bush is from Texas? It was as if they belonged on different sides of the political fence. But he tells The New York Times that his patriotic songs, like "Made in America" are the ones that speak louder than the rest of his songs for the people who aren't die-hard Toby Keith fans.

"I can do an interview with someone who's real prepared, and you go in there and sit down and they say, 'Being a Republican, who are you going for in the G.O.P.?' and I'm going, 'I'm not a Republican'. It's just because we live in such a quick news. Automatically if you say 'I love American soldiers, thank you for freedom', they say, 'There's another Republican'. Whatever happened to being able to support our military and thank them without being a right-wing lunatic warmonger?" Well, despite all these words, I'd say this song has only added to the legion of Toby fans. Check it out.