Toby Keith is sitting on the top of "success mountain" right now, but he says when they were first starting out, they would take anything just to get paid. He tells CMT that one of his most vivid memories is getting stuck in Mississippi. "We were hired by a private promoter to play a gig for like five grand. We drove to Mississippi, and it was at somebody's house with a big acreage and they said 'We've set the stage up down there', so  we started out driving across the field in our bus. It had rained and we were in three feet of mud, in no time. They brought two wreckers in and drug us down to the stage. Twenty-five people showed up to watch us play in the rain, and then they hooked on to our buses again and drug us out of there....You'll play anywhere when you're trying to pay bills." Here's his latest and I imagine when he plays this there will be a few more than twenty-five people gathered.