In an unbelievable journey, the director of the movie "Titanic", James Cameron, returned Sunday evening to the surface of the Pacific Ocean after traveling to the Earth's deepest point. His dive of nearly seven miles was in a specially-designed submarine called "Deepsea Challenger".

Cameron spent time exploring and filming the Mariana Trench, which is about 200 miles southeast of Guam. He's not the first man down there. In 1960 Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, a U.S. Navy captain, are the only others to reach that spot. However Cameron's dive marks the first SOLO dive to that area.

Even though it's still not being revealed when he will release them, I am sure Cameron will come up with some wonderful videos and stills from the adventure of a lifetime. What a weekend getaway! Here's a terrific video National Geographic released prior to the dive.