Tim McGraw is one of those Country Super Stars that you can't help but love to death! He's so charitable and gracious and all the things that makes his fans proud to call themselves his fans. So take a look behind the scene of the music video being made in the new music video !


When stars keep their fans in the loop every step it helps fans feel closer to their stars and feel more in the action of it all.

Fans are the reason why anybody can call themselves a 'Star' in the first place, so when Tim McGraw makes cool videos like his new one for 'One of Those Nights' it's awesome as a fan to get to see the behind the scenes of the video being made. It only makes him look more humble to involve fans this way.

It's definitely another reason why I'm a Tim McGraw fan!

So check out his gorgeous smile and his new song in this new video for 'One of Those Nights: