Tim McGraw has been wearing a couple of prominent hats in recent years--music and acting. His music has always excelled. Becoming noticed as a legit actor McGraw drew our attention first in "Friday Night Lights". Then "Flicka","Four Christmases", "The Kingdom", "The Blind Side", and a phenomenal performance in "Country Strong". And now, he's in the film, "Dirty Girl".

He plays a character named "Danny" in the upcoming film and an agent-friend told him about the project and the fact they wanted him in it.


He tells this site "...and I read the script..it was a fantastic script, beautiful script. And the part where the daughter finds her father was sort of something that I could relate to...sort of had some similarities to my own life....and I only had a day of tour schedule that I could shoot so this was the project that really fit that and all the pieces came together." The movie is due in theaters this weekend. Here's a sneak peek.