We all remember Tim McGraw as part of a VERY UNLIKELY pair with Usher singing their song, 'Over and Over Again'. Welp, this time it's a little closer than not, but Tim is still caught 'Rapping' it up in Colt Ford's new song.

So here's the thing about Colt Ford: In my experience, folks either LOVE or HATE his music. This song will be proof to my point when you hear it.

Another point to be made about Colt is that while his tunes may sound a little too close to that junk we hear on other radio stations talking about all kinds of inappropriate stories and situations for most of the ears hearing it, his lyrics are true to Country and speak truly and deeply to those willing to sit a minute and really hear it.

In this latest song with Tim McGraw called, 'Twisted', it tells a story about a high school boy torn between who he could be and who he is. I posted the lyrics below the video for you to follow along if you're only willing to give it one listen.

Even if the tune is not your taste, the lyrics, as I said before, are true to Country. It tells a great story that many folks can relate to.  Not to mention, I really like the ending :)