You may read that title and think, 'Oh Alyssa you probably had the voice of an angel and it's a wonder you weren't a child star.' Which, you're right. ha ha not really. This girl sings way better at that age than I did and I've got proof!

I was actually wanting to share with you a video of Dierks and Miranda covering Goyte's song, 'Somebody That I Used To Know', but concert audio is no bueno on YouTube and this version is very impressive considering the two people singing are NOT National Country Star sensations who do it for a living!



This girl is young and she is harmonizing and singing the words by heart. She comes in on cue and sings GREAT for her age! MUCH BETTER than I sang at that age.

If you don't believe me, compare it for yourselves! Below would be the video I'm telling you about and also a video of me when I was younger singing my 'Springtime Song'. Watch 'em both and tell me I'm lying.

(<- That's me!)