Time again to set'em up and check out one of the great drinkin' songs in country music. Today we go back a ways to hear from the one of the most popular honky tonk vocalist, Webb Pierce.


Pierce had huge success in the 50's and charted songs well into the 70's. But he never achieved that big reputation because, according to some experts, Pierce was unwilling to break away from the honky tonk style and never kept up with the ever changing country music landscape.

Webb Pierce was known for his flamboyant lifestyle, custom made clothing, two pontiac convertibles lined with silver dollars and a swimming pool shaped like a guitar at his home, which became a big tourist attraction.

From 1952 through 1955, every song Pierce released hit the Top Ten, ten of them hit number one, including this one from 1953, "There Stands The Glass". One of the great drinkin' songs in country music.