Here's a twist on those love song lists that come out every Valentine's Day.  It's AOL's "Top 10 Tunes About Everlasting Love".  They describe them as, quote, "Love songs that recognize commitment through the good times and bad."

--Of course, maybe we shouldn't focus too much on the fact that many of these artists have been married more than once . . . or have broken up with the "everlasting love" they were singing about when the song came out.  Anyway, here's the list . . .

1.)  "Forever and Ever, Amen", Randy Travis

Everlasting lyric:  "If you wonder how long I'll be faithful / I'll be happy to tell you again / I'm gonna love you forever / Forever and ever, forever and ever, amen."

2.)  "Then", Brad Paisley

Everlasting lyric:  "I can just see you with a baby on the way / I can just see you when your hair is turning gray / What I can't see is how I'm ever gonna love you more / But I've said that before."

3.)  "You're Still the One", Shania Twain

Everlasting lyric:  "You're still the one I run to / The one that I belong to / You're still the one I want for life."

4.)  "Love, Me", Collin Raye

Everlasting lyric:  "And between now and then, until I see you again / I'll be loving you / Love, me."

5.)  "Remember When", Alan Jackson

Everlasting lyric:  "Remember when 30 seemed so old / Now lookin' back / It's just a steppin' stone / To where we are, where we've been."

6.)  "Could I Have This Dance", Anne Murray

Everlasting lyric:  "Could I have this dance for the rest of my life? / Would you be my partner every night?"

7.)  "I'll Still Be Loving You", Restless Heart

Everlasting lyric:  "Never before did I know / How loving someone could be / Now I can see you and me / For a lifetime."

8.)  "Through the Years", Kenny Rogers

Everlasting lyric:  "Through the years when everything went wrong / Together we are strong / I know that I belong / Right here with you, through the years."

9.)  "When I Said I Do", Clint & Lisa Hartman Black

Everlasting lyric:  "When I said 'I do,' I meant that I will / 'til the end of all time / Be faithful and true, devoted to you / That's what I had in mind when I said 'I do.'"

10.)  "I Keep on Lovin' You", Reba McEntire

Everlasting lyric:  "Sometimes I swear it might be easier to throw in the towel / Someday we're gonna look back and say, 'Look at us now.'"