You can feel it like you feel the new October cool air outside. It's a sold out Taylor Swift concert on the horizon and everyone is a buzz about it. Even folks who claim to "hate" Taylor and refuse to be seen at the show are talking about it. Taylor Swift is that big. How many "Covergirls" does Lubbock have performing on our stages? Taylor Swift represents Covergirl consmetics and is giving some lucky girl a chance to receive a Covergirl makeover at the venue prior to the show.
The winner will also receive a Sony Bloggie to record her experience and to get shots of the concert that will be uploaded and posted on Taylor's website and a Taylor Swift/Covergirl one of a kind concert laminate to wear at the show. To enter the contest go here.
Taylor brings with her the entire experience. "The Vibe" room for the market VIP's. The T-Party Room. Taylor uses as much imagination into her back-stage experience as she does the actual concert experience. She really makes the show something that you'll remember for a lifetime. Here is a quick look at the "Vibe Room" back-stage.