I was just standing there waiting to pay for my 13 items in the "No more than 20 Items" line at Walmart when I spot from my right side, this other basket slowly coming my way.  I started thinking, "She's going to just park there 'til I get through".  Wrong.  She started casual talk with me, then what happened next left me speechless.  More after the jump.

  She eased her basket in front of mine.  I wanted to say,"What are you doing? I'm next!"  But, no, I just stood there like a dummy unbelieving the gall of this woman.  She continued with her chit chat and I warmed up, softened and couldn't believe I'd found such a sweet new friend in the checkout line!  When the line moved, I thought "Do the right thing....let her go ahead...you don't know what her hurry is...be nice, Jane".  So, I did.  I let her go in front of me.  She moved into place as was her plan at the beginning of the assault. 

She didn't even look at me.  She didn't even grunt.  No thank yous...no nods of appreciation.  Nothing.  Yes, that shopper passed the Rude Shopper Test!