It was the Christmas season of 1966 and I can still remember clearly hearing the song on AM radio, "Snoopy VS The Red Baron" by the Royal Guardsmen. Every 15 minutes or so it was playing on the radio. The song, taken directly from the story line of a "Peanuts" episode was a monster hit. This song also spawned three sequels, "The Return of the Red Baron," "Snoopy's Christmas," and "Snoopy for President."

In 1968 The Royal Guardsmen, taking a more serious turn, were presented with the song "Abraham, Martin and John" that had been written by Dick Holler. Barry Winslow of the band sang lead vocals and things seemed to be going well, until members of the Royal Guardsmen found out that Dion had been given the song, thus they were all crushed.

More than anything, they wanted the public to know they weren't just a "comic" band. Enter 2011, the Royal Guardsmen release the single "Alive and Well" in an attempt to strike a more meaningful chord with their fans.
Here is The Royal Guardsmen with their new song "Alive and Well."