Talented Charlie Worsham is FINALLY releasing that debut album we've all been so anxious to get our paws on! Read more to find out when it hits store shelves!

Charlie Worsham, an up and coming New Country Artist, is already one of my favorites because of his pure talent and sense of humor! Have you seen his remake of 'Gangham Style'? He learned every part and every word, it's awesome!

But even more awesome than that, we can finally look forward to owning his debut album on August 20th!

The album, titled 'Rubberband', will have 11 tracks total, including the one we already love, 'Could It Be'.

Track Listing for 'Rubberband'- In Stores August 20th

1. 'Could It Be'

2. 'Want Me Too'

3. 'Young To See'

4. 'Trouble Is'

5. 'Rubberband'

6. 'How I Learned To Pray'

7. 'Tools Of The Trade'

8. 'Mississippi In July'

9. 'You Can't Break What's Broken'

10. 'Someone Like Me'

11. 'Love Don't Die Easy'