'It's not a matter of IF you get hurt, it's WHEN.' is a common saying that every bull rider can testify to it's truth. Bull riding is dirty, tough, bloody, dangerous.... and the BEST man vs. beast sport to witness! but who's bright idea was this?

As a female, I can just picture a bunch of cowboys sittin' around a campfire way back when after a long day's work on the trail with nothing better to do than to ponder over the thought of, 'Hey...I bet I can sit on that bucking bull longer than any of these fellas can'.

An that's actually just about how it happened!

Origins of bull riding have been traced way back as a form of sporting a skill necessary back when cattle driving was the way of life.

More recently, though, The Professional Bull Riding, Inc. found it's beginnings in 1992-

"when a group of 20 visionary bull riders broke away from the traditional rodeo scene seeking mainstream attention for the sport of professional bull riding. They felt that, as the most popular event at a rodeo, bull riding deserved to be in the limelight and could easily stand alone. Each rider invested a hard-earned $1,000, a few of them borrowing from family and friends, to start the PBR."

Fortunately for those men, this investment proved to be a great bet because Professional Bull Riding is a sport worth millions, now!

The point of the sport? Let a man strap himself onto 2,000lbs beast, let it go, and see who can stay on the longest!

There's a reason they call it the 'Toughest Sport On Dirt'. People loose their lives for this thrill, but men are men and continue to play the game. It's a sport that has left many disappointed, but to be brave enough to ride says a great deal about that man's courage in the first place. And the feeling after riding for 8 seconds can't match any other!

Lucky for you Lubbock, this epic action is coming back to town!

The 11th Anniversary of the CBR West Texas Showdown will storm the City Bank Coliseum February 2nd!