What better way to start a Friday than with not just one or two new flavors of ice cream, but FOUR!!! Oh, it was amazing! Now, I'm here to share the news with you again so that you can own some scrumptious new holiday ice cream from Blue Bell, too! (Yes, I already went out and bought some :) )

New to the Holiday line-up from Blue Bell is GINGERBREAD HOUSE! It's a creamy cinnamon ice cream with flavorful gingerbread pieces, festive red and green sprinkles and mini marshmallows....and yes. It is THAT good!

Returning again this year and back to make another big splash on the scene are 3 flavors you probably indulged on last year: Christmas Cookies, Spiced Pumpkin Pecan, and Peppermint! Being a girl, I can already tell you that, after trying them all this morning, they will ALL taste phenomenal on a brownie.

The lovely gentlemen from Blue Bell who visited the Blake studio also informed us that TODAY is the day they are shipping all of these wonderful flavors out! Unfortunately, they are seasonal flavors, so stock up on them now while you can! Once the season is over, we're out of luck until next year!

Check out the interview again here if you missed it: