One of my favorite actors is Jeff Bridges who finally was honored by the Academy of Motion Pictures with a Best Actor Oscar last year. And now, since connecting his character with the Country Music world, Bridges has ventured into the release of a self-titled major label debut.

It's coming up August 16 and he's on a plethora of television shows from "Piers Morgan Tonight" tomorrow, "Morning Edition" August 12, "The Today Show" on the 16th and 17th and "Live! With Regis and Kelly" and a number of others. The actor turned musician will also tape a performance of PBS's "Austin City Limits" with special guests that include his daughter, Jessie Bridges. It'll air later this year.

And why is he one of my favs? Because of his movies. Let's take "The Big Lebowski." The humor and language are 'raw' and if you can get around that, you can enjoy the wonderful comic timing of Bridges (the Dude) with Steve Buscemi and John Goodman. They'll be with Julianne Moore and T Bone Burnett at the release of "The Big Lebowski" Limited Edition Blu-ray and cast reunion next Tuesday. Be nice to get an invite to that one, huh? Here's a sample of the Dude's singing, from the movie "Crazy Heart."