This big news begs the question: Is American Idol ever really going to be as good as it used to be?

Randy Jackson is stepping down as a judge from American Idol. With all of the judge changes in the past, fans were able to count on Randy to be the constant, but not anymore!

According to TMZ, Randy will still be working with the contestants, which should make for an interesting show, but fans are starting to wonder if the show will stay up to par with previous seasons.

Not too long ago, Carrie Underwood made her opinion on the judge panel heard saying that it would be a 'wise-decision' to have a country judge. Shortly after, Keith Urban was announced as one of Idol's next judges, but it is a short-lived victory for the country scene.

TMZ says that rap female artist Nicki Minaj's contract is 99% complete. Should she sign it and be the next judge, our country star will be out numbered by the rap/hip hop ladies of the 90's and today.

Good Luck Keith!


What are you thoughts on this? Will you miss Randy as much as Paula and Simon?