Co-Director Ronnie Miller and actors Clay Childress and Jerry Brownlow stopped by the Blake's studio this morning to let all of Blake's listeners in on the scoop of a ONE NIGHT ONLY play in town called 'The Civil War'. This is ABSOLUTELY worth seeing! Get more details inside!

'The Civil War' is a powerful play that has been performed in theaters from small home-town community theaters all the way up the Broadway and also has been nominated for a Tony Award for Best Musical and Best Original Music Score.

Now that you know the pretty facts of the story, lets get down to the meat and potatoes of it!

Ronnie, Jerry, and Clay stopped by to see me this morning to talk about this play, 'The Civil War', and left me awed at how inspired they all are by the material they get to work with and also by the people they get to perform with.

Ronnie went on to say when we were chatting after the interview, that this play actually had a concept album made, where big Country Stars like Travis Tritt, Trace Adkins, Amy Grant, Deana Carter and even Hootie and the Blowfish! Ronnie went on to say, though, with such genuine sincerity that he believes what they are doing with their version of the play and his actors and singers take on the songs outshines those Country stars.

Jerry mentioned afterwards, too, that he KNEW he wanted to be apart of the production when Ronnie told the cast from the beginning, "Never, ever, NEVER be late." "It just showed that he meant business and I knew I wanted to work on this" Jerry said.

My favorite part of this whole interview was how powerful the lyrics of the song they performed were and how each of these gentlemen could not stop raving about the level of professionalism of the rest of the cast. Ronnie said, "There's no jealousy or competition between the members. We all just sit back and ENJOY watching everyone perform. It's so nice that it's just everyone appreciating what everyone is doing."

So without further ado! Click below to hear the interview with Ronnie, Clay, and Jerry again and to also hear the song the Captains perform called: 'The Day the Sun Stood Still'.


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Janurary 12th




The Lubbock Memorial Civic Center


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