'Somebody should burn this place to the ground'. Of course, they're talking about Vegas. John Goodman joins the cast and Heather Grahm returns for the final part of 'The Hangover Part III'. Blake's got the preview inside!


When Kristen Chenoway sang to Bradley at the Oscar's about The Hangover 4, somebody forgot to tell her it's only a trilogy.

The cast returns along with the addition of John Goodman for the last tale of the trilogy.


There's no telling what kind of trouble it is that they manage to get themselves into this time. All we know is there's only one left and John Goodman plays the big, bad boss who's after them!!

Looks like there will be some serious action to this movie, too. See it for yourself and tell us what you think. Is the Hangover thing overdone and over with now or will one more make it a complete set?