The Band Perry gained fame with the first song 'If I Die Young', but now their latest song tells the story of a girl who may or may not die young.... Check out The Band Perry's new music video for 'Better Dig Two'!


Much darker than anything they've done before, the sibling trio reached deep in the dark to pull of this new hit single.

'Better Dig Two' is what I would call a dark love song. The narrator behind the lyrics is a woman who's promising VERY literally that she means what she said when she said, 'Til death do us part...'.

This new music video is a new look and take for the band. I like what they've done by making it a darker video to match the tone set by the song and story.

Better Dig Two is The Band Perry's latest release and is obviously a fan favorite as it is climbing the Billboard Country charts and currently sitting in the #3 spot!

So see what all the buzz is about and watch The Band Perry's new music video below!