Power outages are still causing problems for Lubbock residents even now, after the power is back on.

Local repairmen are working non-stop to answer the mass of incoming calls this week concerning problems caused by the black outs this past weekend and on Monday.

Reports are saying that the parts inside thermostats that turn your air conditioner off and on have been fried by the power surges. Also, another issue being commonly seen are damaged circuit boards.

Due to the high cost of these repairs, Mayor Glen Robertson said, in a live interview on KCBD's DayBreak Today, that if Lubbock residents would like to make a claim with the city, a form can be filled out and mailed in.

Tip for our listeners: if a power outage cuts off the radio broadcasting, don't forget you can always stream Blake FM on your mobile device with the Radio Pup app! Be sure and download it soon even if you don't think we'll have another power outage soon. It's always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It's also good just to have so you've got Blake with you every where you go!