We have had a lot of neat events at our church, Fellowship Church Lubbock. But this one tops them all because it involved food.


It was the 2011 Crock Pot Cookoff. Everything had to be cooked in a crock pot and there was some awesome food. In fact, I didn't know you could make peach cobbler in a crock pot and man was it gooooooood.

The catagories were best meat dish, which my daughter in law Annie won the medal for. The best appetizer/side dish was won by Jessica Barbee and the best desert dish award went to Michelle Burns.

But the big award for best overall dish went to my wife Katie Gilbert for her hot wings that were off the hook. Notice in the picture, the award was the "gold pot".

We get to keep it for a year, then we'll, I mean Katie will defend her title next year.
It will set in a very special place in out home. Where that will be, I'm not sure yet.

What a day. Heard a great sermon from my son, then great fellowship. Pretty darn good "Father's Day".