Beginning this Friday,  you and your family and friend can come out to Buffalo Springs Lake to help out a great, and did I mention FUN, cause!? The 15th Annual Woodystock kicks off soon! See a full schedule inside so you won't miss a thing!

Woodystock is an annual camp-out benefit concert. The Woodystock Benefit began fifteen years ago when Woody Miller, was tragically killed in an industrial fire at work, leaving behind five children. The event has been carried on in Woody Miller’s honor every year since, and benefits Lubbock children who have been unfortunate burn victims.

This benefits those victims 100%! Nothing off the top for anybody running it because everyone involved believes in the work they're doing to help everyone out. Needless to say, if you come on out, not only are you going to have a great time, you're gonna meet a ton of people with great big helping hearts just like yours!

So make plans to attend!



5:45- 6:45            Garland Peterson

7:00                     Kids’ Bubble Blowing Contest

7:15-8:15             Spent

8:15                     Kids’ Simon Says contest

8:30-9:30             Dropping Mad

9:30                     Kids’ Hula Hoop Contest

9:45-10:45          Plan B

11:00- ???           Acoustic Camp Fire Jam (bring your instrument!)


Noon- 1:30          Open Jam

1:40-2:40-            Holly and Hunter Harper

3:00-4:00-            Kent Mings Band

4:20-5:20-            Wade Parks and Friends

5:20-                    Kids’ Bubble Blowing Contest

5:40-6:40-            The Jamholers

6:40-                    Presentation to the Families

7:00-8:00-            The Stamfords

8:00                     Kids’ Simon Says Contest

8:20-9:20-            3D

8:30                     Auction ends

9:20                     Kids’ Hula Hoop Contest

9:45-10:45-         Cash Taylor and the Loose Change

11:15- ???           Acoustic Camp Fire Jam (bring your instrument!)