Texas Country isn't just for the home-grown Texans anymore! What can we say? It's good stuff and everyone is catching on. Meet Sam Williams, a brand spankin' new artist who's definitely got a good handle on some Texas Country.

Sam stopped by the station early today with his father, Steve, to say hey and promote single off his upcoming album.

Sam is 19 years old, attends Ranger College in Ranger, TX, and grew up in Greenbrier, Arkansas. So it's safe to say this guy's involved and working hard to make things happen.

His single, 'Out of San Antonio', was written and inspired because of a  Texas tornado he crossed paths with in San Antonio.

I enjoyed the lyrics and, even more than this single, I really enjoyed ''Good Time Song" and "You Drive Me Crazy".

Don't let his age fool you. This guy has a great voice for Texas Country!

You can hear all of these songs on his Facebook page.