Everyone was reacting to the crazy 66-10 loss last Saturday to Iowa State. Sportscasters, reporters, fans, haters and everyone else all had something to say during the game. But those I was most interested in hearing from were recruits that Kliff Kingsbury has lined up to come to Lubbock.

The 2016 class is a 5-star-led offensive lineman and defensive back-laden class that needs to be retained to improve next season. Losses like the one Texas Tech suffered generally don't go unnoticed by them.

Here are the top tweets from a few of the top recruits in the 2017 and 2018 classes.

Jack Anderson, 5-Star OL, 2017

Bronson Boyd, 3-Star WR, 2017

Nelson Mbanasor, 3-Star DE, 2017

Cam'ron Jones, 4-Star DB, 2018

The last tweet, to me, is the most important. The 2018 class is already shaping up to be the highest ranking recruiting class that Texas Tech has gotten. Ever. That's because of Kliff Kingsbury and his staff.

It's obvious that Kingsbury is not a great head coach. There are things he does really well, though. Recruiting is one of his strong suits. This is one of the many reasons why it's smarter to keep Kingsbury for at least one more year.


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