Before his first interview at Big 12 Media Days, Texas Tech Offensive Lineman Baylen Brown ripped his pants.

"I caught 'em on the chair when I was sitting down and tore 'em, like, belt loop to zipper," Brown said Monday (quote via ESPN). "Right in the crotch area. And I noticed, trust me. Felt a little breeze. It was funny. Typical offensive lineman thing to happen."

Brown had to whip out his back up Texan Slacks, the old pair of wranglers he had stashed up in his hotel room while a Texas Tech staff member looked for a miracle.

Somehow, the staff member was able to find a seamstress on staff at the hotel hosting media days, the Omni Dallas. I wasn't aware that hotels had seamstresses on staff. That's a very good thing to know. I'll be sure to hit up the Red Roof Inn seamstress next time I roll out on a road trip and rip my pants.

Apparently I'm not the only one who knew about the on call hotel seamstress vocation as Brown thought he'd have to do the repair himself.

"I thought I would have to paperclip it or safety pin it or something," Brown said. "So shout-out to the Omni on that one."

Nothing escapes Big 12 Media Days, and the news about Browns pants was ripe twitter fodder early in the day on Monday.

"It got on Twitter so everybody was texting me," Brown said. "My O-line was giving me a hard time right away." I don't think Brown will ever live this down.

His teammates had his back, though.

"He pulled off the jeans better than anyone could've pulled them off," Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes said. "Not even joking. It looked pretty good." Justis Nelson said he had warned him that his pants were too tight earlier that morning.

It's always good to have friends worried about the tightness of your pants. Keep those friends. Listen to those friends.


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