Coming up Saturday afternoon at 3 at the Texas Tech Museum is an event that might really be of interest to you, particularly if you have a wedding in your future. This one is presented by students in the Department of Apparel Design and Manufacturing. And the fashions they'll show prove the fashion industry is moving away from the traditional wedding dress. They will show a variety of wedding gowns including a pair of pants designed by Tech senior Cynthia Olivares, who says the pants were inspired from the turquoise and gold fabric.


She tells Texas Tech news, "These colors and the designs of my fabric made me think of Bollywood and Indian brides." International cultural influences are being preferred by non-traditional brides. Olivares' model will also have a headpiece, which is a turban headband, out of the same fabric as the pants. Check out the event. It's free. You can see AnJulie Hira, Olivares' model, walking the runway in the unusual outfit. Should be a fun event and there's a reception afterward.