Aaron Ross was the best free throw shooter on the Red Raider team last season. He was second best in the Big 12. Ross is now bringing his elite free throw shooting to you.

His secret? The age-old B.E.E.F. acronym.

If you didn't play junior high basketball or just missed the B.E.E.F. during your playing days, here's what it means according to Ross :

Balance - Make sure my feet lined up.

Eyes - Make sure you can see the rim.

Elbow - Always got to be towards the basket.

Follow through - Then, follow through.

If Aaron Ross was writing the acronym, it might have been B.E.E.F.R. with, "Routine" as the R. Ross stresses routine as an integral part of the free throw.

If you follow these rules, you too can be an elite free throw shooter, just like Texas Tech's Aaron Ross.