I had no idea that getting a pickle at the movies was a Texan thing. I have never lived in a world without pickles at the movies, so this is all very strange to me.

A while back, a blogger at Buzzfeed wrote an article about how bewildered they were by the concept of this snack being available at the theater. For some reason, it seems to be trending again - maybe because the summer of sucky movies is finally over and people are more serious about returning to theater.

I'd love to see the look on this person's face if they were to go to Lubbock's Stars and Stripes Drive-In where you can get, among many other delicious things, a Chihuahua sandwich, which is chili, pimento cheese and cabbage between two tostada shells. In theory, they should be super-gross but there are absolutely, 100 percent delicious. They may also be surprised by really anything from Alamo Drafthouse's extended menu. My personal fave is the green chili pork fries. Now that's Texan.

Pickles are a great low carb and low-calorie treat, and I enjoy the power I feel by making my movie neighbors have to smell it. It's better than incessant and mindless popcorn crunching -- in my opinion at least.

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