Cory Morrow, a former Texas Tech Red Raider and a Texas country music godfather, rolled through Lubbock late last month. Back to where the music all started for Morrow; playing the local scene and gaining popularity along the way. Morrow wasn’t always the superstar he is today in the Lone Star state and in country music; he saw his fair share of ups and downs throughout his life.

Morrow started his music career at a young age and really flourished as a song writer during his time as a student at Texas Tech. Morrow began playing the local scene but didn’t instantly find the success that some expect you find when you first start. Morrow, along with fellow Texas Country pioneers Owen Temple and Pat Green, would go great distances to get their voice heard.

“We used to have to go out and had out flyers, put up our own posters and call the fraternities to get people to come out to our show when we were first getting started. Now It’s coming easier for those who have been around a while and tougher at the same time for those that are just getting their feet wet on the scene.”

It indeed comes easier for Morrow now, and has for some time now, but he’ll be the first to tell you that you can’t slow down. There’s always someone out there that wants to be what Morrow is now and for every big Texas Country artist, there is 50 others looking to take over the crown. While Morrow, Green and others continue to find success in their touring and in their music; there are those who are still struggling to get their feet wet and build a name for themselves. Some could say that there’s beginning to be an oversaturation to the music scene, Morrow agrees.

“I honestly think there is. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s always going to be those guys who make a record and it’s good but for every one of those there will be more than a few that think it’s easy and they’ll be successful by just making the record and going from there. There’s always going to be those that will do it right and some that will try hard and hope it comes to them.”

Much of the success of Morrow comes from his flawless songwriting, which is more than just pen to paper. Sure, everyone can write a song about beer drinking, partying or heart break, and Morrow has, but few can paint a picture or tell a story like he does. It’s more than just singing about troubled times, but it’s another to actually live it.

Morrow draws most of his songwriting from experiences that he encountered along the way. Yes, some songs seem too catchy to be included in that category, but that’s how you can spot a talented songwriter. Songwriting though is always a work in process. It’s never forced songwriting and it’s not always easy.

“No it’s never too easy. But I’m not the kind of guy that just sits down and writes something. I’ll have days where it just flows out but it has to come to me or it has to feel right and not forced. I don’t really focus of having to write right now either because I just like spending my time with my wife and my son. I just like lying around and spending the day with them. So writing is never a priority at this point.”

Though his priority may have shifted, that doesn’t mean Morrow is done making great music. He’s just shifted his mind set to father and husband mode for now with music coming second. You can’t blame the guy for that.

Cory Morrow will continue to tour in support of his newest record, Brand New Me through the rest of 2011 and into 2012. He’ll be in Steamboat this year for Music Fest but has bigger ideas for what he’s doing in 2012. What’s on the horizon for Cory Morrow?

“Making another baby, writing some more songs and taking some time off and traveling; that’s what I’ve got planned for next year.”

Life is grand for Cory Morrow.

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