Anson Carter is a name you're going to want to remember. He may look rough and tough, but that's only until he smiles. Anson, a true Texan, reminds you of the good old fashioned honky tonk days of country.

Anson is a larger than life Texan from down in Houston. He travels the Lone Star State bringing his form of true country music to the masses. Rather it be to sold out halls, to a small group of people or even your local bar, Anson brings the same energy and passion to every show.

His latest album, 100 Degrees In The Shade, delivers from beginning to end. It hooks you in with the title track of "100 Degrees in the Shade," and goes through every emotion, including ending with a tearjerker in "Sweet Dreams." His album, which is available now online, is well worth the listen.

Anson was kind enough to stop by the studio at 99.5 The Bear and play the title track off of 100 Degrees In The Shade. Hear the track below and find out more about the next big thing in Texas Country.

Watch for Anson's smile at the end. He's got the biggest smile in country music.

Anson Carter - 100 Degrees In The Shade