More great news for you Texas Country fans out there! William Clark Green is releasing his 3rd studio album this Spring called, 'Rose Queen' !

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There is a GREAT line up on this album of musicians, so the album itself is GUARANTEED to be awesome.

William Clark Green-Lead vocals and Acoustic Guitar

Jay Saldana- Drums, Percussion

Cameron Moreland-Bass

Steven Morais- Electric Guitar

Brian Keane- Organ, Piano, Wurlitzer, Rhodes

Rob McNelley- Electric Guitar

I'm VERY curious and excited to get my hands on this album myself. With sounds from a Wurlitzer, Organ, Piano, and Electric and Acoustic guitars, I think this album is not only going to sound like a great new sound for William, but for Texas Country. It'll be VERY interesting, indeed!

Along with interesting and new sounds, William said this via Sunfire Entertainment about the songwriting:

"Songwriting is reality. People are scared to put reality on paper, but this is 10 times more real than my past work."

Be looking for the album, including his latest single, 'It's About Time', in stores on April 30th!