Jeff Allen is a musician who's riding high on the Texas Country scene right now. He just released his newest EP, his touring schedule is frantic and his music continues to prove that great music is being made in the Lone Star State. And, with all the success he's finding, he doesn't have a big head about it.

Allen's new self titled EP was released on November 1st. The six track record, which is available for purchase online now,  gets Allen back on the radio after a little while of us not hearing from him. The wait was well worth it though as every track sticks with you and leaves you wanting more.

Though Allen is finding success with his music and his crowds are growing each show, he doesn't let the attention go to his head. It's all about being heard, meeting your fans and getting to know your audience with every track, every strum of the guitar and every show you play.

Jeff Allen was kind enough to stop by the studio and perform a 99.5 The Bear exclusive track called "When the Night Comes Around." He mentioned he wrote this track about a month ago and hopes for it to be on his next record. We'll be first in line to get that when it comes out.

Allen is destined for great things with his music on the Texas Country Scene. Be on the lookout for Allen when he comes through Lubbock and get his newest EP today.

Jeff Allen - When The Night Comes Around