Well, here's something Texan fans everywhere can get excited about! The 'TEXAN5' license plate will be auctioned off soon. How much would you be willing to cough up for it?

Texas has had personalized license plates since 1965, but the addition of the 7th character for personalization recently opens up a few doors for name plates that are just too valuable to sell at regular market prices. Such as this 'TEXAN5' plate!

Don't worry! I know what you're thinking... "Oh so just because somebody WOULD pay a lot of money for it, they're going to charge it just because. Where is all of this money even going anyways?"

Well, the proceeds from the purchase of this license plate and several other pictured below will benefit the State's general revenue fund AND the Houston Texans Foundation, which supports and uses funds to help build and support education, character development, and health & fitness programs for youngsters.

To also help everyone feel better about participating, money used to purchase other plate auctions will benefit chosen charities from MyPlates. com and the State's general revenue fund.

Enough about the money, Now it's time for the meat and potatoes: HOW, WHERE, and WHEN you can get your hands on this sweet license plate!

The Great Plate Auction will be held on Jan. 25th 2013 at the Houston Auto Show in Reliant Stadium.

You must register your interest at: www.myplates.com/auction

Kim Miller Drummond, MyPlates.com


Blake and I think this is a pretty cool deal! (otherwise why would be telling you about it!) We're Texas proud no matter what team and this auction helps out various charities across the State of Texas....why not support that?