I came across this magazine article on a plane flight and it caught my eye because I thought at first that it was just one father writing letters to his 3 sons just in case something ever happened to him, then I read further to find out- He has cancer is is writing letters to his sons to leave behind and guide them and is publishing these letters into a book. You need to check this out.

Lt. Col. Mark M. Weber is a highly decorated soldier who has had to leave his family behind too many times to put it all on the line for his Country. So his family has experienced those talks before- the 'what happens if dad doesn't come home?' talks. Those are hard 'what if' conversations, of course, but it is not his service that is the catalyst for his book, it's the Stage IV Intestinal Cancer killing him from within.

Photo illustrations by Adam Voorhes

'Tell My Sons' is the self-published work that has all originated from one question: 'What do we leave behind?'

The book is the letters written to his sons, the stories and lessons he wants to share and teach them and leave behind for them. It's heart breaking, but so very, very refreshing to see such a strong fighter and to know there are great men out there like this man who don't resent and waste the rest of their lives blaming, but grow from difficult situations and make the best of it.

I share this with you, not to advertise for this book, but to share one military story of many for this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. This man is just one of hundreds of thousands who need to be honored in their living and their service and forever remembered in their passing. Thank you, Mark. I know this will touch many lives and guide your sons in every way you intend it to.